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December 16, 2014
Help employees remember your pearls of wisdom
by Bill Rosenthal, CEO
What you teach during mentoring, coaching or skills training will be out of mind as soon as you’re out of sight unless you reinforce the learning. For that you can thank the “forgetting curve.” View Article >>

November 22, 2014
Your guide to power networking at financial services conferences
by Bill Rosenthal, CEO
Financial conferences present excellent opportunities for networking. Here’s a guide on how to power network before, during and after the conference. View Article >>

November 6, 2014
Ford Fouls Up
Quoting: Bill Rosenthal, CEO
Layoffs are inevitable--they're apart of the business world. However, you do have control over how they are rolled out and communicated. Learn from these two mistakes. View Article >>

October 30, 2014
How to Hold a Productive Virtual Meeting
by Bill Rosenthal, CEO
Want to improve your company’s productivity? Holding virtual meetings can be beneficial in many ways. This article provides you with tips for getting maximum results from these meetings. View Article >>

October 6, 2014
How to rehearse a high-stakes presentation
by Bill Rosenthal, CEO
Umm, uhh… We don’t know what to tell you but, except that it is bad public speaking form to let those verbal tics escape from your mouth. Learn how to give a better presentation by rehearsing. View Article >>

September 2, 2014
To Sell Better, Make 'Em Laugh
by Bill Rosenthal, CEO
When a salesperson and customer laugh together it builds trust and empathy and helps remove the customer’s body armor. Here are seven tips that can help you make the customer laugh. View Article >>

August 26, 2014
34 Sales Efficiency Experts Reveal the #1 Way to Improve the Performance of Your Sales Team
citing Bill Rosenthal, CEO
34 sales managers and business sales experts where all asked to answer this one question: “What’s the #1 way to improve the
 efficiency of your sales team?” View Article >>

August 5, 2014
Better Ways to Deliver Bad News
citing Bill Rosenthal, CEO
In the wake of Microsoft's stumbles in announcing a mass layoff, experts chime in on ways employers can soften such situations, and – possibly -- come out looking good. View Article >>

August 5, 2014
eHow Article: What Factors Must You Consider When Briefing Your Audience?
citing Bill Rosenthal, CEO
Salespeople use briefings to sell prospects on a product, service, or concept by presenting a short summary of the item. The aim of a briefing is to be receiver-centered, rather than speaker-centered. View Article >>

July 28, 2014
10 tips on how to not speak like a geek
by Bill Rosenthal, CEO
Geek-speak may be your preferred language but heavy use of technical terms can turn off your investors, customers, and employees. Here are 10 ways to avoid it. View Article >>

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