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Location: Online,
Course Name: Write Up Front™ on the Web
Price: $495.00
Overview: The way you write reflects the quality of your thinking. The ease with which you write can dramatically increase your productivity on the job. This course teaches how to craft business documents and email in a compelling way.

Write Up Front™ on the Web

YOU WANT YOUR BUSINESS WRITING TO BE PERSONAL, FORCEFUL, INTERESTING, and able to accomplish your goals, but you can't pull together a full day to take a course. Try the online-learning approach. Work at your own pace to polish your skills in about three hours of “seat time”, spent on your own schedule. You'll learn the techniques of high-impact writing, individually, while sitting in front of your computer. You will move through the course, completing both online exercises and exercises you send to your Communispond mentor.


THE PROGRAM. You'll have 60 days to complete your “classroom” hours and send in your assignments. You'll email your assignments to your Communispond mentor, who will give you supportive feedback to guide your progress. You'll learn about writing in today's world and receive the basic guideline you need to make your business writing effective. Through your exercises, both online and mentored, you will practice organizing your messages and polishing your style.


WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU. Clear writing guidelines help you spend less time writing— and rewriting—your documents. When you can write well, you'll approach writing tasks with more confidence. People will take action more quickly because they understand your directions. You'll receive fewer emails asking for clarification. You'll find that the ability to write will gain you respect both inside and outside your organization. And, self-directed online learning is convenient. You can use your time more efficiently and work at your own pace.


WHAT IT MEANS TO YOUR ORGANIZATION. Clear, focused, and concise written messages mean fewer problems caused by misunderstanding. Your employees will spend less time re-communicating with customers and between departments because the first message wasn't clear. Rework will be minimized. Consistent, high-impact writing helps your organization control its message. It will enhance and maintain your positive image.