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Public Seminars

Executive Presentation Skills™

Master any speaking occasion in two days
Executive Presentation Skills™ helps you confidently address high-stakes situations like budget appeals, sales dog-and-pony shows, executive briefings, and conference keynotes.

"I make multimillion-dollar presentations to the world's largest company.

Who knew I could learn so much in just two days?"

Senior Account Rep, Pepsi

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Write Up Front on the Web™

YOU WANT YOUR BUSINESS WRITING TO BE PERSONAL, FORCEFUL, INTERESTING, and able to accomplish your goals, but you can't pull together a full day to take a course. Try the online-learning approach. Work at your own pace to polish your skills in about three hours of “seat time”, spent on your own schedule. You'll learn the techniques of high-impact writing, individually, while sitting in front of your computer. You will move through the course, completing both online exercises and exercises you send to your Communispond mentor.

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LearnTO™ Library Subscription

Introducing our LearnTO Library – a library of short (3 to 6 minute) bursts of learning, each on a specific topic related to presentations and business communications. We’ve taken our communications skills training expertise and created an online/on-demand library of modules that extend and expand the Communispond experience beyond the walls of the classroom.

Just-in-Time Learning

  • About to stand up and give a presentation? Get an instant refresher with LearnTO Present with Vocal Energy or LearnTO Clear Your Visuals. Calm any anxiety with a 5-minute review of LearnTO Conquer Your Nerves with Eye-Brain Control®.
  • Getting ready to lead an employee meeting about a policy change? Take 6 minutes to review LearnTO Conduct a Q&A Session and be prepared for even the most challenging questions.
  • Putting together a presentation for an industry conference? 5 minutes with LearnTO Organize Your Ideas and planning time will be cut in half.
  • Have to report on a project to the Board of Directors? Spend 4 minutes with LearnTO Give an Effective Briefing and be ready to “net it out” for the top execs.
We’ve even included LearnTO topics that go beyond the skills covered in your Communispond program, topics such as LearnTO Create Complex Visuals or LearnTO Use a Pointer Effectively. With an initial library of 30 modules (with more to come each month) and more than 50 short "podcasts" on a wide range of presentations and business communications topics, an investment in the LearnTo Library is an investment in the ongoing development of high performance communication skills.

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Communication Tips for Building Remote Teams Webinar

Working remotely is now common; it allows for the appropriate use of worldwide people and technology resources, it creates the ability for a company to be productive around the clock. But it brings unique management and communication challenges. Good communication within a remote team will lead to faster task completion, reduced rework and project slippage, as well as lower turnover. Bad communication within a remote team can lead to disaster. This highly interactive 90 minute web seminar offers an overview of proven best practices for identifying common communication problems and concrete tips to solve them. We will identify the key success factors of high- functioning teams and share strategies for building trust and strong communication among remote co- workers. Participants will receive a handout that includes worksheets for assessing communication effectiveness.

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Delivering Powerful Online Presentations Webinar

Online presentations save your company time and money. They allow a global audience to receive a message at the same time. They leverage the investment your company has made in technology. But they have created some unique challenges. This seminar will introduce you to key success factors for online presenting. You will learn tips and techniques for creating interactions that can hold the attention of your audience; you will understand how to use your vocal tone and inflection to make up for what your audience cannot see. And you’ll review some of the functions of your web platform that can enliven your presentation.

Participants in this highly interactive 90 minute online seminar will receive a handout that includes worksheets for planning an online presentation.

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